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I’m a little bit giddy to announce that I’ve managed to pull off bringing Ryley Walker to come and play ‘Upstairs At Monks’ for an intimate matinee performance at 2pm Saturday 27th for 45/60 minutes. Ryley is in the middle of his current UK tour and has agreed to play for us, albeit, a stripped down version with an acoustic guitar.

I’d ear-marked Ryley as a ‘must see’ at last years Port Eliot Festival, and in a rammed to the rafters ‘Caught By The River’ stage, him and his band proceeded to blow me and everyone else in the tent away. It was, easily, the best live performance I saw in 2016.

Monks will be totally different, 50 capacity max, and Ryley playing on his own acoustically, but that said, it is a major feather in the Monks Walk cap bringing  him in to play here.

Tony Lambert who some of you may have see here last month, has also agreed to open for Ryley, so we’re in for a real afternoon treat.

Approx times are Tony Lambert 1.15/1.45, then Ryley Walker 2.00/2.45~ish…

If you want to bag a space, call me on 07989 946718 ~ on a first come first served basis.

Tickets are £5 each. Bargain!

Have a listen https://youtu.be/uUfY6c68OdE

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