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Kirk McElhinney

“Kirk’s sound is a melting pot of sonic bliss”
Nitin Sawhney 

“Kirk’s sound is a melting pot of sonic bliss”
Nitin Sawhney

“Jazz folk troubadour brings genre back to life. Exciting and engaging… full of surprises”
Daily Express

Growing up in Rochdale, getting stoned with fellow bums, I didn’t have a focus of what to do with my life and I didn’t care, that was until I met a man called John Dean.

I learnt more from him than I ever did at school, John turned onto music, true music, music from the soul, music that would always inspire for generations to come. We would sit for hours, getting stoned with a few whiskeys, listening to different artists.

I would take home cd’s from his and sit down with my guitar and try and learn the whole album in my bedroom. There was one particular musician though who stood out in the crowd for me, and that was Bert Jansch.

One day I went round to John’s to take his cd’s back, and while I was there he told me that Bert was performing a solo gig at ‘Band On The Wall’ in Manchester, and did I fancy going? ~ Did I fancy going? Wild horses wouldn’t stop me! One week later five of us set off to the gig, and when we arrived there must have been balout fifty people maximum, quite a poor attendance for a guitarist who has influenced the likes of Jimmy Page, Neil Young, and Johnny Marr.

Eventually, from the back of the room a figure appeared with a guitar over his shoulder and the whole room went silent. Bert walked up on stage, didn’t say a word, just sat down, plugged his guitar in, and proceeded to open his set with his masterpiece ‘Blackwater Side’ ~ I was sold!

Afterwards I left with a strong sense of focus of what it was I wanted to do with my life, and I’ve never looked back. That night changed my life.

I still do, from time to time, get stoned and have one too many whiskeys, but nowadays I do it in style, I do with a guitar in my hand, and I owe it all to John & Bert.



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