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Kirsty Almeida

“Kirsty Almeida has the voice, the style and the authentic prowess to write some truly outstanding and lavish genre-bending musical gems”

Kirsty Almeida – singer, songwriter, performer and artist from Gibraltar, based in Manchester, UK.

Kirsty won the Take 5 Jazz composer’s award in 2010 awarded by Serious Jazz (London Jazz Festival), she then retreated to the North of England to a small rural cottage to hone her song craft and was then signed to Decca records where her debut Solo Album ‘Pure Blue Green’ was produced by Youth (Paul Mccartney, Pink floyd, The Verve, David Gilmore). Kirsty and her band, The Troubadours toured the UK and played to many sell-out audiences around the UK, internationally and to the festival scene. Known for her creativity and visual spark, Kirsty began to handmade her album artwork – each an individual collectors piece. Some of her performances took her to Moscow for The G8, London Jazz Festival opening evening with the Guy Barker Orchestra, Nick Drake Kind of Blue, featured performer and Maderia Film Festival amongst many many others.

Kirsty then went on to write music for films and some film credits include Albatros and Patagonia as well as creating all the sound and music for award winning Children’s App, Lucy The Ladybird. Kirsty collaborated with International DJ, Mr Scruff with the hugely acclaimed and heavily played track, ‘Pickled Spider’.

From 2014 till 2017, Kirsty left Decca and took time out to become a mother and nurture her son, Ray. During this time she created and built her own venue known as Manchester’s Creative Wellness Centre, The Wonder Inn. Kirsty built this from scratch in a Grade II listed derelict building with nothing but a head full of belief and a heart full of creative passion and that venue is now hugely reviewed, award nominated and hosting hundreds of sold-events throughout the year. A powerhouse on and off stage Kirsty is known for her creative genius and belief in making the impossible happen. The venue has hosted the likes of Kendrick Lamar to family yoga retreats and is a venue built to raise the vibrations of its community.

Kirsty is now ready to feel the road under her feet again and has a brand new album coming out in the autumn called, ‘Moonbird’ and is ready for her next creative journey.



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