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The Mini Shed of Sound

The Mini Shed of Sound is a portable pop-up party shed

The Mini Shed of Sound is a portable pop-up party shed.

It is fitted with integrated sound system and with its onboard solar panel provides an off-grid party capability and mobile phone charging facility.

This proved to be a very popular feature at the Glastonbury Festival where we managed to infiltrate the security cordon and smuggle our little shed into the camping area on Pennards Hill.

This was a high stealth deployment and proved the Mini Shed’s special advance force capability.

Its multi-purpose capability was also on display when it went from being a party shed to a polling station almost instantly (we blue tacked some signs to the outside) – we were then able to conduct our own in/out referendum at Glastonbury and possibly the largest ever survey of belly button orientation ever attempted.

The Mini Shed is perfect for remote deployment but also fairs well in highly populated urban areas.

Here the presence of 240 volts of electrical power gives us the option of really cranking up the volume by installing some serious noise making equipment – big amps, big speakers.

In York recently at the Guildhall, the Mini Shed was able to fill the large medieval hall, with its high vaulted ceilings and huge stained glass windows, with very loud music and strobe lighting – a spectacle never before witnessed at this very old historic building. Of course, it doesn’t have to be ridiculously loud – if you want it quieter just ask.

The mini shed is also great for outdoor events in gardens or pub gardens.

Essentially it’s a covered DJ booth so if we do get a shower there’s no need to panic. We’ve played this summer in a beer garden for a real ale festival, at a house party in a conservatory and at a year 6 leavers party in the school playground. It’s the go-to DJ booth for all occasions.

The Mini Shed Of Sound is available to hire and comes with sound system/PA to suit your event. We do silent disco too – see silent disco section for more details

JB’s Party Venue

The mini shed of sound has a big brother -a spiritual home if you will.

The big brother of the mini shed is JB’s – a 13-metre x 5-metre timber frame shed. This is the ultimate party venue.

It travels far and wide. It can be found every year in a field just outside Ashbourne, near Dovedale in the Peak District. It does come in three sizes but we like the largest of these (you can get more people in the big one). It’s a multi-functional festival venue. The mini shed of sound sits at the very back and is the control centre for all the musically based activities. JB’s is built entirely of reclaimed timber and the inside is lined with a mixture of white camouflage netting and parachutes. There’s also a couple of spinny ball things (disco lights that spin).

We also strategically position lasers here and there which project out into the night sky usually over a campfire and through the smoke thus creating stunning smoky laser visuals. We’ve got a really nice sound system too and for when it gets late and not everyone wants loud music we crank up the silent disco – three channels of tunes transmitted directly to headphones for the user to choose from. If you don’t want to listen to the music on the headphones you can simply take them off (or not put them on in the first place) and listen to people singing (badly) along to the music they’re tuned to.

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