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Tony Lambert

“people seem to get me now, maybe I am finally getting myself…..”

Tony hails from the North East of England but has lived and worked and played music in Leeds for over 25 years. He’s been a nurse, a gardener, a window cleaner, and a shopkeeper. He was once a barman, albeit for about 4 hours.

Throughout all those times the one constant is that tony has played the guitar and written songs.

The songs are a mirror to this life and his viewpoint on the world. There is love and hate in equal measure in his songs, and he says that they both emanate from a similar place within him. Tony has been playing live for many years and has toured and gigged extensively up and down the country, but only recently, after a five-year layoff is he back and enjoying things more than ever.

“people seem to get me now, maybe I am finally getting myself…..”

This summer we can expect a new album, the first in over 5 years and, what is gearing up to be a six-week tour of the South of England, including the Festivals of Latitude, Wilderness and Green Man, a wide range of folk clubs and music venues, radio sessions and interviews, a summer long youtube vlog direct from whichever county he happens to be in, and there will be some tv appearances too we hope, all to be announced as they unfold.

We hope that you can join Tony on his tour, whether that be in person, online or in spirit, although he doesn’t claim to know how to connect spiritually, so maybe you should email him as well. Enjoy the journey.

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